Community Base Tile Tread Room Scene SKUs 2030 Watusi Speckled, 2009 Bimini Jewel Speckled, 2065 Horizon Speckled, 2129 Dove Speckled, and 2037 Aegean Speckled

Watusi Speckled Rubber Tile
Bimini Jewel Speckled Rubber Tile
Horizon Speckled Rubber Tile
Dove Speckled Rubber Tile
Aegean Speckled Rubber Tile
Almond Rubber Base


The Rubber Tile within the Suburban Collection provides enhanced safety, durability, and an easy-to-clean solution suitable for hard-wearing environments. Available in square, round, smooth, and sculptured the comprehensive offering is designed to meet the demands of healthcare, education, or corporate spaces. Mix and match colors within the solid and speckled lines to create a custom look perfect for your project.

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